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1. The adult cat must be vaccinated against:

1.1 cat parvovirus FPV (panleucopénie féline FPV le typhus du chat)

1.2 cat flu, FCV + FHV (calicivirus félin FCV + herpèsvirus f. FHV)

1.3 leucosis FeLV (leucose féline) (only up to the age of 9 years)

A vaccination against rabies is NOT necessary for a stay at the Cat Hotel. The European law requires a rabies vaccination only when crossing a national border (3-year vaccination rhythm).

We accept the american vaccination scheme.

KITTENS should be vaccinated according their age and general fettle. The first vaccination should be done at the age of 9 weeks. The second four weeks later. Please give your cat a worm treatment we recommend "MILBEMAX" from Elanco BEFOR you have the vaccination appointment (at least 10 days in advance). So the effectiveness of the vaccination can be increased. Spot-on products do not work against all 4 types of worms and can cause skin problems !! If your cat does not take a tablet, ask your veterinarian to inject a deworming. Attention: Cats from South or Southeast Europe need a "MILBEMAX", because Spot-on products do not work against heart worms.

Please hand in the vaccination card at each visit ! The cat should be brought in a solid animal carrier for example "VARI KENNEL". In the unlikely event that your cat takes ill while staying with us, we will not hesitate to call your vet resp. the emergency service.

2. Male and female cats have to be castrated when sexual maturity has started (ca. 20 weeks old / end of 5th. month). Exception: Female pedigree cats from breeders (breeding animal).

3. Administration of medicine or special treatments ( single room, diet, insulin, grooming, handicap, old age etc.) can be offered according to operational availability, but has to be asked for at booking. According to effort and extent it may effect some extra costs.

EARLY booking for stays during SCHOOL HOLIDAYS is advisable.

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